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Save Up to 50% With Our Limited Time Special Offers

At AZ Living Spaces, we recognize that perfection at home is achievable. We also understand the comfort you seek for your home and the productivity of your office and compromise on neither. Not only do we help create a better life for you but we focus on value for money in our products.

Our exclusive Limited Time Office Furniture Offers and Special Deals on Home Decor are carefully curated to cater to your style and enhance the ambiance of both personal and professional spaces. Committed to the belief that outstanding design should seamlessly integrate with functionality, we offer Affordable Living Room Sets that strike the perfect balance between sophistication and practicality.

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Frequently Asked Questions





AZ living spaces is top-notch furniture shop catering both office and home furniture. The shop is located near Expo opposite gate number 2, Johar town, Lahore.

We provide complete solution to home and offices. Our expert designers help you choose the best for your satisfaction.

Yes! You can place order online.

Certainly! Az Living Spaces recognizes the importance of personal style. Explore a range of customization options, such as fabrics, finishes, and configurations, to create furniture that perfectly complements your unique taste.
Yes! Az Living Spaces provides optional assembly services for added convenience. Our team ensures that your furniture is expertly assembled, saving you time and effort. Reach out to our customer support to inquire about assembly options for your specific purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum discount applies exclusively to the specified products that are readily available for delivery. Customized items, however, will be priced at the regular, non-discounted rate.

If you miss a special offer, don't worry! We regularly introduce new promotions and discounts. Contact us on WhatsApp (+92 325-8637151) for more queries.

The duration of our special offers varies. Check the promotion details by contacting us on WhatsApp (+92 325-8637151).

Special offers typically do not affect standard shipping fees. However, it is essential to review the terms of each promotion to confirm any specific conditions.

Yes, the special offers apply to both online and in-store purchases.